Life's a garden, grow with it.

I can acknowledge that not everyone shares the same enthusiasm or intrinsic value of ´playing in the dirt´as I do, so I have created ´Lifescape´as a form of therapeutic gardening for the less earth minded. Lifescape uses gardening as an analogy for assessing and designing your dream life (garden). Through a series of assessments we are able to lay the groundwork and establish a general scope of the terrain, that is YOU and your life; Where are you are at? Where do you want to be? What work needs to be done to create your Garden of Eden (dream life)?

When core issues and concerns are identified and addressed we can then work towards designing a planting guide for creating positive life changes and then put it into action; create a strong foundation, build healthy soil, sow the seeds of change, water and nurture them into fruition. 

Enjoying the process of growth and working through its challenges, you will taste the sweet fruits of your labor and feel an empowering sense joy, freedom, and healing from your gardening process (life transformation).  

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, stuck or lost?

Looking for change but not sure where to begin?

Lifescape is a:

1 week in-depth process (with monthly follow ups)

5 theta-healing sessions

Life design plan

Resources, guidance, accountability

$551 for Lifescape package

Flexible payment plans available

Contact me for a free consultation.

® 2019 Avakening – Ava Long