Welcome to the creative vision and passion of a woman on a mission. The name is Ava, the spirit is free, the style is nomadic, and the light is bright. Learning, growing, and evolving every step and stumble along the way, I have chosen the path of awakening and continually strive towards living and being the most authentic, kind and creative version of myself. I have created this site to share the wisdom, skills and knowledge I have acquired over the past decades of life so that I may be of assistance to others on their journey home to love and light.

I believe we have the potential to build a new word, a world of abundance and harmony in which all beings are free to exist and share their unique gifts with the world without fear or limitations. I am here to help you climb that mountain and step into your role as a divine being as humanity undergoes its 'Great Awakening'. Let us share seeds, plant forests, and co-create a more abundant and joyful space of being for everyone and everything... literally and metaphorically speaking. 


Now is the time of avakening … let us journey together!


» In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. «  —  John Muir

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